Council sets new direction

Parkside offices

The new Leader of Melton Borough Council, Cllr Pip Allnatt announced a new strategic direction for the Council at the meeting on Thursday 27 July.

Leading the joint administration of Independent and Labour Councillors, Cllr Allnatt confirmed that the Council remain committed to supporting NHS colleagues to deliver a second GP practice for Melton and acknowledged that Melton is in need of a new swimming pool and leisure facilities.

Addressing the meeting, Cllr Allnatt said: “While the concept of a second GP surgery remains on the table, it appears that the proposed location of the Sports Village is no longer a viable option, therefore we have offered up two alternative sites, one of which is Parkside. They will now be undergoing a technical assessment for suitability and our Asset Development Working Group will pick up on this at the appropriate time. The suggestion of using Parkside as a hotel is off my agenda but the working group will be free to consider any options unfettered by myself.”

“Melton needs a new swimming pool and leisure centre, something we can all be proud of and which will serve Melton for a generation - but that will cost around £35m, money the Council doesn’t currently have. We have to be realistic about timescales and a new facility is therefore likely to be 8-10 years away. What we will do in the meantime is ensure our current facilities are as good and environmentally friendly as they can be, while we work to raise the required capital over the coming years.”

A number of local initiatives were announced, linked to improving connections with communities; both town and villages, and making the borough cleaner and greener. Talking about the plans Cllr Allnatt said: “We want the community to feel more connected to the council, Members to be more involved in decision making and for people to see a difference in their community as soon as possible”

He also confirmed that work had already started on developing a new Corporate Strategy ready for April 2024, which will build on existing good work and shape the priorities of the Council for the next four years. The Council remains committed to delivering the Levelling Up Funding in line with requirements of the scheme. The new Cabinet will be looking at every aspect of the plan to ensure the multi-million pound investment delivers positive and complimentary benefits for the town centre, which will not compete with the existing shops and market area.

The full details of the meeting is available on to view on YouTube.

01 August 2023