Waste vehicles updated as a warning to fly-tippers

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Melton Borough Council will be displaying large-scale messages on the side of their waste vehicles to promote a local crackdown on fly-tipping. 

The artwork on some of the vehicles has been updated as part of the ‘It’s All Fly-Tipping’ campaign from the Leicestershire Waste Partnership, of which Melton Borough Council is a key member. The campaign aims to make residents aware of the correct way to dispose of waste and the consequences of fly-tipping, as well as sending a warning shot to businesses who would seek to profit from this illegal action. 

As part of the campaign to tackle fly-tipping, Melton Borough Council will also continue to monitor locally known hot-spots as well as the illegal transportation of waste. Local operations will be undertaken in collaboration with partners including the Police, aiming to reduce the incidents within the borough as well as taking robust enforcement action against those who commit the offences. 

Over the past 12 months the council have investigated 42 incidents of fly-tipping within the borough, conducting early-stage intervention work with residents to resolve issues where possible, but also taking enforcement action, where appropriate, including the issue of 42 Community Protection Warnings, 9 Community Protection Notices and 3 Fixed Penalty Notices. 

Cllr Margaret Glancy, Melton Borough Council’s Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Governance, Environment and Regulatory Services said: “Fly-tipping is illegal, it’s an eyesore to those living locally and can be hazardous to our environment, wildlife and individuals.  

It's important that our residents are aware that their waste is their responsibility, and we want to educate people on the correct steps to take when they dispose of their waste. If you pay someone to take rubbish away, you need to make sure they are a licenced waste carrier first. If they are not, then your waste might be fly-tipped and you could face fines and/or legal action. 

“The new promotional panels on the side of our waste vehicles will act as a reminder to everyone that we will not tolerate fly-tipping or  behaviour which negatively impacts on our environment. We are determined to make Melton a cleaner and greener place to live and visit and we will take action against those who illegally dump waste in our borough”. 

If waste is illegally transported or dumped, those responsible can be issued with fines ranging from a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice to an unlimited fine, receive a criminal record or be sentenced to time in prison. 

Residents can check if someone is a registered waste carrier by visiting the Environment Agency website: environment.data.gov.uk/public-register 

Further information about the “It’s All Fly-Tipping" campaign can be found on the Leicestershire Waste Partnership website at www.lesswaste.org.uk/flytipping. 



For more information please contact: Communications@melton.gov.uk  

29 August 2023