Council are seeking views on how COVID-19 has affected lives

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Melton Borough Council is asking residents to share their views on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their daily lives and the way they interact with services and facilities within the Borough

By completing a survey, the Council wants to gather residents’ views on how the current situation has affected their use of the town centre and what they would like to visit the town centre for in future.

The Council would like to understand how its response, and the response of external partners, to the COVID-19 pandemic has met the needs of the residents, whilst also helping to identify how the facilities and services within the borough could adapt in the future.

Melton Borough Council’s Scrutiny Committee has established groups to look at the response and recovery in relation to the pandemic. The Scrutiny Committee groups will collate evidence on the local impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, they will look at the response of the Council and other external organisations in order to identify areas for improvement and highlight areas of best practice.

Cllr Pat Cumbers, Chair of the Scrutiny Committee said:

“The Council's Scrutiny Committee is investigating the impact of Covid-19 on the lives of our residents in relation to the Council’s priority themes of Shaping Places (which includes Town Centre, Leisure, Tourism and Employment) and Helping People (which includes Financial well-being, Health and Support Services). The Council and its partners have been working hard to support our community during this pandemic. We would like to identify the areas of best practice and any lessons learnt, which will provide a template for dealing with any similar emergency situations in the future as well as help us recover from this one.
Your thoughts and ideas are important to us. We are encouraging all residents to share their views and complete our upcoming surveys. The first one, which launches today, relates to our Shaping Places priority, while the survey relating to our Helping People priority will follow at a later date. "

The Scrutiny Committee will use the results of this consultation along with other evidence to shape future recommendations which will help inform how the Council continues to lead the local response and recovery. The recommendations will be included in a final report which will be presented to the Melton Borough Council Cabinet in Spring 2021.

The survey launches on Friday 23 October and runs for six weeks.

To take part and have your say, simply complete the short online survey here:

Hard copies are also available at Parkside for those who need them. Please contact our customer services team on 01664 502 502 before Friday 27 November to request one.


For more information please contact:

23 October 2020