Melton Borough Housing Strategy (2021-2026) is adopted by Council

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A new Housing Strategy (2021-2026) was adopted by the Council at its meeting on the 16th December 2021.

The new housing strategy provides an overview of local housing issues and sets out what both the council and its partners will need to do to address them. It will help shape the council’s housing services and policies, from its role as a local planning authority to how it manages council housing.

Cllr Robert Bindloss, Portfolio Holder for Growth and Prosperity, said;

“This strategy has been produced through consultation with the local community and key partner organisations. It sets out our collective ambitions, to ensure good quality homes for all, to deliver housing growth to meet the needs of our growing population and to provide support, advice and assistance to help people live well in their homes.

“The strategy also recognises how housing can help to support our broader goals around health and wellbeing, economic growth and prosperity, and in particular climate change, addressing the need for housing in the Melton Borough to become more sustainable.”

Cllr Ronan Browne, Portfolio holder for Council Homes and Landlord Services said;

“We understand that due to rises in house prices, rent costs and the cost of living the need for more affordable homes throughout the borough is becoming increasingly imperative. With that in mind, this is a key theme of the housing strategy, particularly rented homes, which includes the Council’s housing stock.

The new strategy will help shape how the Council manages its homes, it reflects our commitment to improve the quality of our Council housing as well as reduce carbon emissions and energy costs for our tenants.”

Following the adoption of the Housing Strategy 2021-2026, the Council will develop a Delivery Plan to support the implementation of the housing strategy, which it will publish on the Melton Borough Council website later in 2022.

The Housing Strategy and the consultation report are both available to view on our website:




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22 December 2021