Long term plan for investment in Council homes approved

Semi-detached house

Melton Borough Council has made a commitment to provide excellent homes and landlord services and has invested in improving homes for residents and in the services they receive, with a focus on health and safety, decent homes and listening to tenants to continuously improve and develop services.

A key next step in the council’s housing journey, the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan 2022–2052 was approved by the Council at their meeting on Thursday 28 July.

The long term plan sets out how the money that is available for the council to maintain and improve its council homes will be spent. It prioritises health and safety, which the Council notes will always be its priority, and it sets out how the council will maintain its focus on meeting decent homes standard across all housing stock. The plan also details how other improvements can be made, such as upgrading the energy efficiency of homes, modernising current properties and enhancing services to tenants, whilst considering how a council homes can be built to keep in line with the growing population of the borough.

Cllr Ronan Browne, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Landlord Services, stated “We are dedicated to listening to and working with our tenants. The detailed business plan has been developed using feedback from them along with the latest guidance detailed information about the condition of our homes and sets out what is affordable, allowing the council to provide a framework for long term strategic planning.

“In total this plan aims to invest over £300 million during the next 30 years towards providing housing stock, landlord services and maintaining our council homes, ensuring we can work towards our commitment of providing high quality council homes and services,”

The HRA business plan will be reviewed annually to ensure it is up to date, taking into consideration the implications of any future changes in regulations for the housing sector and any local insight gained from surveys or tenant engagement.

You can view the plan online at www.melton.gov.uk/HRAbusinessplan 




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03 August 2022