Complete a benefit review

Benefit review

A benefit review allows us to check that the information we hold in respect of your housing benefit and/or Council Tax support award is correct.

This can be done quickly and securely using our online review form, we may also ask you to upload evidence to support your application. You should only complete this form if we have asked you to do so. 

To complete your review you will need to have a MyAccount login. If you don't already have a login you can create an account

When not to complete a review

We will contact you if we need to review your benefit claim, if you have not been asked by us to complete a review please report a change in circumstances.

What happens if I do not complete my review?

If you fail to complete your review your benefit may be suspended or even cancelled.

I need help to complete my review

If you need help to complete your review please contact us, we will then assist you in completing your review.

Can I track the progress of my review?

You can track the progress of the review in your MyAccount in progress requests.

Uploading review evidence

You can upload evidence to support your review while completing the application where prompted. If you need to upload evidence after your review has been submitted you can do this via your MyAccount in progress requests.

What happens when my review is completed?

When we receive your review this will be checked by us, if required adjustments will be made to your benefit award. We will then notify you in writing as required by law of the outcome of your review. 

Last updated 7 December 2021
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