Payment of housing benefit

We pay benefit direct to your tenant every fortnight in arrears by BACS transfer. 

We must make payment direct to you if:

 An amount of income support is being paid direct to you to meet the rent arrears of the tenant or their partner
 You show that the tenant is more than eight weeks in arrears with their rent

We may make direct payment if:

 The tenant is likely to have difficulty in paying their rent
 It is in the interest of the claimant to make payments direct to you

You can request direct payments by contacting us. 

We will pay you every four weeks in arrears what we would have paid to the tenant. In many cases this will not be the full rent charged.

If you have more than one tenant on direct payment, we will pay the total benefit to you in one BACS payment. We will send you a list informing you whose benefit is included in each payment and how long it covers.

Last updated 2 November 2021
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