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If you need to apply for social housing, and are eligible, you can complete the online form by clicking "Make a housing application" below. Please include all the relevant information and proof of identity requested.  Applications will not be processed or made live without the relevant supporting information.  

We aim to process applications within six to eight weeks. 

If you have an urgent housing need or need advice regarding your housing options, please contact our Customer Services team.

Supporting information

Why do I need supporting information and how do I send it?

You need to provide supporting documents before we can process your application. If you do not provide these as part of your initial application, we will contact you and request that you send them to us within 14 days. If the information is not provided within this time, we will close your application. 

All applications, regardless of the applications circumstances, need to be supported by documents such as ID and Proof of Address (for a full list see the "document required for all applications" section below). Depending on your circumstances you may also be required to provide additional documents, these are listed in the "documents required based on circumstances" section below.

In some cases we may require you to complete additional forms to help give us a better understanding of your situation so we can make a more accurate assessment of your needs.

Some examples of these forms are:

  • If you have difficulties with your mobility in your current home we may ask you to complete and return a Medical Assessment Form
  • If you have a high amount of savings or equity that would normally make you ineligible to join the housing register but you require a level of care or support that is not available in the private sector, we may ask you to complete and return a Care and Needs Assessment Form
  • If you are struggling with financial hardship we may ask you to complete and return an income and expenditure form
  • If you are applying to join our extra care scheme at Gretton Court, we will require a copy of a Care and Support Assessment that is carried out by Adult Social Care

Where do I send my supporting documents to? 

You can either:

  • Email your supporting documents to,
  • Upload them to the My Documents portal when you are logged into your Housing Online account,
  • Pass them to reception at the Parkside offices or
  • Post them to Housing Options, Melton Borough Council, Parkside, Station Approach, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1GH.
Documents required for all applications.


Documents required for all applications  Document type
Proof of ID for all members of the household. Photo ID is preferred but birth certificates will also be accepted.
Proof of address for the main and joint applicants. A copy of a utility bill, mobile phone bill, recent bank statement etc. We will also need your tenancy agreement if you pay rent.
Proof of all income/benefits the main and joint applicant receives.* 1x monthly or 4x weekly payslips, copies of benefits letters showing amount received (Bank statements will also be accepted but child benefits letters are still required).
Copies of bank statements for the last 2 months for all accounts both the main and joint applicants hold.** We can accept summaries of the balance if you have provided proof of income/benefits separately. If you do your banking online, we can also accept screenshots of the account(s).
Proof of National Insurance Number for both the main and the joint applicants. This will be on your National Insurance Card, most correspondence from the DWP or documents relating to tax. If you do not have any documentation with you NI Number on, you can also request confirmation from

* This information is required to check if any applicants exceed the threshold on income to be eligible to join the register as stated in section 8.7 of Melton Borough Council’s Allocations Policy

** This information is required to check if any applicants exceed the threshold on savings to be eligible to join the register as stated in section 8.7 of Melton Borough Council’s Allocations Policy

You can view our Allocations Policy at the bottom of this page.

Documents required based on circumstances.
Circumstance Documents required 
Children living at the address. A full copy of a child benefits letter, child tax credits letter, full Universal Credit award.
Pay rent to a landlord or housing organisation. A copy of your up to date rent statement showing the balance of your rent account and the payments you have been making


A reference from your landlord.
Pay a mortgage or own a property outright. An estate agent’s valuation and an up to date mortgage statement.
Proof of pregnancy. A copy of your MAT B1 or other information that shows your estimated due date. If you do not yet have anything with your EDD on please be aware that we will require this once you have it.
If you have rent arrears, proof that a payment plan is in place. In order to be considered to join the housing register with rent arrears you must have a payment plan in place and you must also have made 12 consecutive weekly repayments or 3 consecutive monthly repayments.
Subject to immigration controls. Home Office paperwork or passport declaring your settled status.
A carer that requires an extra bedroom. Proof of carers allowance and information on the care provided and confirmation from the organisation the carer is part of that this takes place.
Additional information if you are subject to Anti-Social Behaviour or harassment Additional information could include crime reference numbers, incident reports or police reports.


I have already applied

If you are a current applicant but need to place a bid for a property.  You will need to log into your Choice Based Lettings (CBL) account.  Follow the steps on this page.


If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness you should contact us as soon as possible. For more information please see our homeless or at risk page.

Private renting

Council Housing is there to support our residents who are most in need. If you are not in need of a council house but are wanting to move, you should consider private renting. 

The government have a guide on how to rent


Last updated 11 April 2024
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