Apply for a licence for keeping or training animals for exhibition

You will need a licence if you run a business to keep or train animals for exhibition for educational or entertainment to an audience can either in person or by recording of visual images to be displayed. The licence runs for three years and current fee is listed on our fees page. Please note this covers any exhibition including those made through online media. 

Each licence is subject to a set of mandatory general conditions and a set of mandatory specific conditions. Full definition, exemptions and conditions are listed in the regulations. There are also guidance notes from GOV.UK for conditions for keeping or training animals for exhibition.

Pre-application advice

If you are unsure whether your business or activities fall within the scope of the regulations. Please contact the licensing team for a questionnaire to complete

How to apply for a licence

To apply please contact the licensing team and ask for an application form

You will need to ensure you have the necessary authorisation under the Planning Acts to operate your business. Please contact the planning team or visit pages on planning permissions for further advice.  

Contact details 

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Planning Team: 

Last updated 17 May 2024
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