Melton Borough Council

Corporate Strategy 2020-2024

The Corporate Strategy 2020-2024 sets out the Council's focus and aspirations until 2024.

Our strategy is designed to present a clear focus for the council during this time and is separated into six priority areas:

  1. Excellent services positively impacting on our communities
  2. Providing high quality council homes and landlord services
  3. Delivering sustainable and inclusive growth in Melton
  4. Protect our climate and enhance our natural environment 
  5. Ensuring the right conditions to support delivery (inward)
  6. Connected and led by our community (outward)

The strategy has been developed using a range of sources to ensure it is evidence based and responds to the issues facing both the council and the community. Further details of the resources and evidence we used to develop the strategy can be found below.

What did we use to develop the Corporate Strategy?

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